Finance Concentration

"Finance, at its best, does not merely manage risk, but also acts as the steward of society’s assets and an advocate of its deepest goals. Beyond compensation, the next generation of finance professionals will be paid its truest rewards in the satisfaction that comes with the gains made in democratizing finance – extending its benefits into corners of society where they are most needed. This is a new challenge for a new generation, and will require all of the imagination and skill that you can bring to bear. Good luck in reinventing finance. The world needs you to succeed.”

- Excerpt from Robert J. Shiller “My Speech to the Finance Graduates”

A finance degree can prepare you for careers in businesses and government offices and help you make better personal financial decisions. Our approach to how enterprises can create value and solve social and environmental problems are unique among universities. The bachelor's degree in finance at Humboldt provides not only theoretical knowledge and technical skills to our students but also prepares them for professional certification such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Chartered Financial Analyst Program (CFA) so that our graduates can compete in the rapidly changing technology-driven world of finance.

Example Salaries:

Salaries can vary widely depending upon your experience and skill level:

  •  Finance:  $46,500-$87,300
  •  Accounting:  $44,700-$75,700
  •  International Business: $41,600-$83,700
  •  Political Science: $39,900-$80,100