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Notions Sewing Studio

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"I had a truly wonderful experience working with the Small Business Consulting Class. I think it is a brilliant opportunity to bring together small local businesses and students who are eager to be part of a real life business experience. The fresh perspective these students offered my business was priceless."  -Rebecca Hubbard

Dot's Wonder Pets

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"Working with Humboldt Business Students on goals for my small business was exciting and a good use of time because the students were interested in growing my business and had great suggestions.  I am implementing many of the suggestions in the business plan and would work with the Consulting Class again."   -Jane Arnold

Pacific Flake

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"Working with the consulting class was a good experience and helped us go through our own processes and refine them even more. The students were wonderful to work with and was a positive experience over all." - Bryon Duty

Cultured Life Food

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"It's so rewarding to share with the fresh, creative minds of the business students;  they are truly AWESOME!"  -Kate Brown