Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

There are five concentrations you can pursue for your B.S. in Business Administration: Accounting, Finance, Economics, New Venture Management or Marketing.


High school students should follow preparation requirements for the CSU system and take most of their courses in Academic disciplines such as English, mathematics, sciences, social sciences, and a language other than English.

Community college students may be able to transfer credit for lower division courses, but not for upper division courses in the major.

To assist our students in achieving a successful college experience, a suggested Loading... has been developed to use as a planning guide. We have specifically designed our curriculum so that it can realistically be completed in four years. With a little planning and keeping in touch with your advisor, you should be able to accomplish this.

To further assist students with their academic plan, we have established a Five-Year Course Rotation.  This document is a projection of courses taught in future semesters.