BA 438 Applications in Entrepreneurship

Why study Business? Our business graduates are extremely well-rounded and excel in a variety of occupations: Financial Analyst, Investment Advisor, Small Business Owner, Media Analyst, Marketing Manager, HR Manager, CFA, CPA, CMA, CFO, and CEO.

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Our programs emphasize critical thinking, communication, and a breadth of knowledge - the building blocks for lifelong learning.

Students work together in Strategic Management

Programs are inter-disciplinary; learn how to analyze problems from different angles.

We offer Internships every semester

We focus on hands-on learning with many paid internship opportunities.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of our program

Entrepreneurship and sustainability issues are emphasized in our programs.

Small class sizes allow faculty members to work closely with students

One to one advising with faculty who are here to help you succeed.

Hard work allows for preparation for the future

Employers today need people who are able to solve problems and communicate effectively.

Building blocks to develop a sustainable organization

Learning functional areas of business within a critical thinking framework.

BA 480 Community Internships Spring 2023

BA 480 Spring 2023 with Dr. Nancy Vizenor

BA 480 Class Spring 2023

BA 482 Community Internships Fall 2022

Student Quote: This internship program really helped me grow as a person and professional. I went into this program feeling a bit lost with no experience and thinking that I would not get this opportunity. I had some fear that graduation was approaching and I didn’t know what my next step was. However, I heard of this opportunity and even though I was scared of not getting this internship, I challenged myself to try and just step out of my comfort zone. We often grow in situations where we are uncomfortable and that was the case here. I am very happy that I was able to have this opportunity and learn so much.

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Why Study Business at Humboldt?

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Mission Statement

The School of Business promotes an inclusive and rigorous educational environment that focuses on ethics, active learning, entrepreneurial thinking and strategic sustainability.

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Cal Poly Humboldt School of Business                Outstanding Students in Business Awards For Academic Year 2022-23            
OVERALL ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARD                                                 Phoenix Arnold
ACCOUNTING CONCENTRATION AWARD                                                         Reese Walters
FINANCE CONCENTRATION AWARD                                                                Thomas Melonja
MARKETING CONCENTRATION AWARD                                                           Thomas Boyer
NEW VENTURE MANAGEMENT AWARD                                                             Joanna Locke

The School of Business Faculty made the selection of students from the School of Business Concentrations and Overall Performance.  Congratulations to all the Outstanding Senior Students for hard work over the last four years  and to the other School of Business graduating Seniors for their accomplishments.


A Solid Foundation

The School of Business offers a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, a minor in Business Administration as well as a one year MBA progam. Our core curriculum  provides a solid foundation and our concentrations of Accounting, Finance, Economics, Marketing and New Venture Management enable you to focus and specialize in the area of business that interests you most.