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Harinder Singh, Ph.D.

Dr. Hari Singh, Chair of the School of Business.mov

Kate Lancaster, Ph.D.

Kate Lancaster, Associate Professor.mov

David Sleeth-Keppler, Ph.D.

David Sleeth-Keppler

Sarita Ray Chaudhury, Ph.D.

Sarita Chaudhury

Nancy Vizenor, Ph.D.

Nancy Vizenor

Joshua Zender, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Joshua Zender, School of Business

Tyler Stumpf, Ph.D.

HSU Faculty Profiles Tyler Stumpf School of Business

Chris Byfield, MBA Alumni

MBA Student Profile: Chris Byfield

Xiachen Wang & Quian Gu, MBA Alumnus

MBA Student Profile: Qian Gu and Xiochen Wang

Ramesh Adhikari, Ph.D.

HSU Faculty Profiles Ramesh Adhikari School of Business

James Robinson, MBA Alumni

MBA Student Profile: James Robinson

Matthew Thompkins, Alumni

Matthew Thompkins, Alumni

Menghao Ge, MBA Alumni

MBA Student Profile: Menghao Ge