Marketing Concentration

Why Build a Toolbox of Marketing Skills?

Marketing graduates are valuable additions to any organization offering products, services, programs, initiatives and ideas - including for-profit, non-profit and government organizations. The marketing major is also a great place to start when thinking about running your own business.

All our marketing classes explicitly engage students with the leading business trends of the 21st century: To develop strategies for long-term profitability while conserving environmental resources and creating value for society as a whole. Marketing students create sustainable marketing strategies, a skill set increasingly desired by many organizations.  

Our graduates find exciting and rewarding careers in a virtually unlimited number of fields. Whether they work as advertising and promotions specialists, marketing managers, research analysts, small business owners, sales representatives, logistics experts, outreach coordinators, event planners, writers, editors, graphic designers, technical analysts or consultants, marketing graduates succeed because they approach their roles from the perspective of the ultimate customers of an organization.

Examples of Entry-Level Salaries:

The median entry-level salary for many marketing positions such as Marketing Analyst, Sales Associate, or Marketing Coordinator (Event Planner) is currently $42,000 The median salary for a marketing manager with 5 years of experience in a company located in a metropolitan area is $64,000. The upper range for the same position is $90,000. Salaries vary by geographic location, industry, and position type.