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St. Bernard's Academy High School Students Visit HSU

Want to visit HSU, meet with a professor and sit in on a class?

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Upcoming Events

High School Business/Entrepreneurship Activities and Classes through County Office of Education  

  • Career & Education Fair- Coming in May.
    • Open to AHS, MHS, and SB students.
    • HSU Scool of Business will "co-sponsoring" the fair as a marketing partner.  
    • HSU School of Business will have a table as well. 

  • School of Business annual hosting of high school student visits from SB, AHS, and MHS.  Students will sit in on a business class and then get to meet the Chair of the School of Business, another faculty member, and a few students in a round table discussion following the classroom visit. Here is the Fall 2019 schedule:
    • Critical Thinking in Organizations with Tyler Stumpf:  Visit from St. Bernard's, Wednesday 9/19 9:00 - 9:50am with Q&A afterward.  
    • Principles of Marketing with Nancy Vizenor:  Visit from Eureka High School, Tuesday 9/17 11:00 - 11:50am with Q&A afterward.
    • Consumer Behavior with David Sleeth-Keppler: Visit from Mckinleyville High School, Monday 9/30 1:00 - 1:50pm with Q&A afterward