Sarita Ray Chaudhury

Department Chair and Professor of Marketing


Sarita Ray Chaudhury received her Ph.D. in Marketing from New Mexico State University in 2010. She earned her M.B.A (Marketing) and Master of Science in Marketing Communication Management (E-commerce) from Illinois Institute of Technology.

In addition to receiving her bachelor’s degree (Honors) in Commerce from Calcutta University, Dr. Ray Chaudhury worked for several years in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry and Hospitality and Tourism industry in India.

Dr. Ray Chaudhury is fluent in four languages. Her teaching interests include Consumer Behavior, International Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications, Social Marketing and E-Marketing.

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Dr. Ray Chaudhury's research focuses on understanding cultural meanings in consumer behavior.

One set of projects revolves around exploring behaviors where consumers resist traditional marketing paradigms from which novel consumption patterns emerge.

Additional interest in this area leads to understanding how consumers navigate complex marketplaces by building their own networks and information exchange venues to counter producer dominance.

A second set of projects explores consumer culture in South-east Asia, predominantly India, where recent access to credit and western cultural influences has led to rapidly evolving consumption behaviors.

Dr. Ray Chaudhury has published in distinguished Business and Marketing academic journals such as The Journal of the Association for Consumer Research (JACR)Journal of Macro Marketing (JMK),  Innovations in Education and Teaching International journal (IETIJ)  and others including book chapters on Social Media and Digital Marketing. She has also presented her research projects and published proceedings in notable venues such as the American Marketing Association (AMA), Academy of Marketing Science (AMS), Association of Consumer Research (ACR), Transformative Consumer Research (TCR), Society for Marketing Advances (SMA), Southwest Decision Science Institute (SDSI), Marketing and Public Policy conference (MPPC), and Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) conferences.

Ph.D., New Mexico State University, 2010: Marketing
Sarita Ray Chaudhury
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