Faculty Spotlight: Dove Byrne

Lecturer Dove Byrne has taught at Cal Poly Humboldt for 10+ years! Bryne grew up in Humboldt county in Willits California, just a few hours south of Humboldt. Byrne made his way to Cal Poly Humboldt by following his then girlfriend and now wife to get his Masters's in Business Administration. Byrne's favorite part of Humboldt is the disc golf course in the redwood forest right behind campus. When it comes to Humboldt County, Dove's favorite part is the small towns, the beautiful county side, the beaches, and of course the redwood forest! Dove's advice to students is "Ask questions and for help when you need it, and volunteer information (especially in zoom courses). Get to know your professors and ensure they get to know you! Lastly, do not miss a single assignment, partial credit could make all the difference when it comes to your grade."

 A photo of lecturer Dove Byrne